Course Announcement for SMS 585

Marine System Modeling

Drs. Fei Chai and Huijie Xue

School of Marine Sciences

University of Maine

Phone: 581-4317, 581-4318,


This course will cover ocean circulation models, coupled atmosphere-ocean models, sea ice models, modeling oceanic carbon and nutrient cycles, and marine ecosystem models. Each begins with theory, followed by model development and the most recent research results. This course will also examine model representation of interactions among physical, chemical, and biological processes in the oceans. Term project required. 3 Cr. Prerequisites: approval of instructors.



- Ocean Circulation modeling (Dr. Chai)
simple models of the ocean circulation; box models of the thermohaline circulation; two-dimensional model of the thermohaline circulation; basin-scale and global ocean general circulation models

- Coastal modeling (Dr. Xue)

open boundary condition; tide; estuarine circulation; comprehensive coastal ocean models and forecasting systems

- Coupled atmosphere ocean models (Dr. Xue)

air-sea fluxes; coupled general circulation models and climate prediction; air-sea interactions in the equatorial Pacific; ENSO forecast; mesoscale air-sea interactions

- Sea ice models (Dr. Xue)

dynamical and thermodynamical models; coupled sea ice and ocean circulation models in climate system modeling

- Modeling the oceanic carbon and nutrient cycles (Dr. Chai)

the conservation equation for tracers; box models; advection-diffusion models; using chemical tracers in three-dimensional ocean circulation models

- Marine ecosystem models (Dr. Chai)

effects of the marine ecosystem on carbon cycling; mixed layer models; one-dimensional models; basin-scale, three-dimensional models



Handouts from various literature sources.

Lecture Notes