1)  1988-1997 monthly averaged elevation and velocity
Jan-elevation Feb-elevation Mar-elevation Apr-elevation
May-elevation Jun-elevation July-elevation Aug-elevation
Sep-elevation Oct-elevation Nov-elevation Dec-elevation

      2) 1988-1997 monthly averaged surface Salinty and velocity
Jan-surface-S Feb-surface-S Mar-surface-S Apr-surface-S
May-surface-S Jun-surface-S July-surface-S Aug-surface-S
Sep-surface-S Oct-surface-S Nov-surface-S Dec-surface-S

      3) 1988-1997 monthly averaged surface Temperature and velocity
Jan-surface-T Feb-surface-T Mar-surface-T Apr-surface-T
May-surface-T Jun-surface-T July-surface-T Aug-surface-T
Sep-surface-T Oct-surface-T Nov-surface-T Dec-surface-T


      1) 1988-1997 monthly averaged 200m layer Salinty and velocity
Jan-200m-S Feb-200m-S Mar-200m-S Apr-200m-S
May-200m-S Jun-200m-S July-200m-S Aug-200m-S
Sep-200m-S Oct-200m-S Nov-200m-S Dec-200m-S

      2) 1988-1997 monthly averaged 200m layer Temperature and velocity
Jan-200m-T Feb-200m-T Mar-200m-T Apr-200m-T
May-200m-T Jun-200m-T July-200m-T Aug-200m-T
Sep-200m-T Oct-200m-T Nov-200m-T Dec-200m-T


      1) 1988-1997 monthly averaged 1000m layer Salinty and velocity
Jan-1000m-S Feb-1000m-S Mar-1000m-S Apr-1000m-S
May-1000m-S Jun-1000m-S July-1000m-S Aug-1000m-S
Sep-1000m-S Oct-1000m-S Nov-1000m-S Dec-1000m-S

      2) 1988-1997 monthly averaged 1000m layer Temperature and velocity
Jan-1000m-T Feb-1000m-T Mar-1000m-T Apr-1000m-T
May-1000m-T Jun-1000m-T July-1000m-T Aug-1000m-T
Sep-1000m-T Oct-1000m-T Nov-1000m-T Dec-1000m-T

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