Peng Xiu


      Dr. Peng Xiu
      Research Scientist

      School of Marine Sciences
      University of Maine
      5706 Aubert Hall, RM455
      ME 04469, USA
      Tel: 207 5814349
>Research Interest
I work in the Ocean Modeling Group at the University of Maine.  My research interests broadly cover the interactions of physical, biogeochemical and optical processes in the ocean. Numerical models and all kinds of satellite data combined with in situ measurements are my main resources to study these processes. I am interested in studying the ecosystem responses to physical forcings in differnt spatial and temporal scales, including the climate change effects. We are currently working on the physical and biogeochemical structures of mesoscale eddies and submesoscale processes in different regions of the Pacific Ocean and examining their impacts on the large-scale carbon cycles.     

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JGR-Oceans; Geophysical Research Letters; Journal of Oceanography; Limnology and Oceanography; Ocean Dynamics; Marine Ecology and Progress Series; Global and Planetary Change; Journal of Coastal Research; Progress in Oceanography

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